DeValverde was born as a family business in 1980, dedicated to the manufacture of footwear.   
A touch of distinction that characterizes us is the presentation of our articles, which pleases customers who, more and more, choose to purchase exclusive products. 

Good work has to become a habit and that is what we try every day.

Environment:  Respectful of nature. Using materials that take care of the environment as much as possible.

Non-slip:  Floor with special rough engraving to avoid possible slipping.

Breathable:  Microfiber and cotton fabrics that allow constant ventilation.

Relaxing:  Natural cork filling for total absorption of possible impacts.

Thermosets:  Latex foam insole that controls changes in temperature and humidity.

Lightweight and flexible:  Natural rubber (latex) sole that provides flexibility and comfort.

Washable:  Components more resistant to washing, friction and water.

Antibacterial:  Latex foam insole with greater antibacterial component.